Applications for Energy1 AGM Batteries

Energy1’s line of AGM marine batteries are suited for applications where a full recharge is not always available. These batteries can provide the maximum amount of power without a complete recharge after every use and the latest Enhanced Chemistry allows for a faster recharge at lower voltages while preserving backward compatibility with existing models. Energy1’s batteries are faster and easier to recharge than standard batteries because they do not require a complete recharge after discharge like most batteries. They are ideally suited for cyclic operation such as house bank loads and deliver exceptional performance and longer lifetime than standard batteries.

AGM Battery Bank

Engine Starting

unsurpassed cranking amps for varying engine sizes

High-Demand Components

powering bow thrusters & other high-energy componenets

Lighting & Security

no energy demands are too great for Energy1 batteries

Continuous Power

consistent power delivery even at low state of charge

Standby Power

reliable power delivery on partial charge

Hybrid & Renewable Energy

perfect pairing with hybrid and solar energy recovery systems

Energy1 AGM FAQ’s

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