Advantages of Energy1 AGM Batteries

The latest enhanced chemistry allows for a faster recharge after every use. Their enhanced chemical design also retards sulfation crystallization with a focus on long life and consistent performance. The pure lead AGM technology of Energy1 AGM batteries delivers exceptional CCA ratings and reserve capacity cycling ability. Each battery is housed in advanced plastics for durability performance and heat resistance and are all approved as non-hazardous cargo for ground, sea, and air transportation.

Energy1 AGM Batteries Feature:

Best Capacity at Low Temperatures

proprietary plate construction delivers maximum CCA

40% Smaller Footprint

and up to 25% weight savings

Fast Recharge Rate

low internal resistance provides for high recharge rates

No Maintenance

no water levels to fill or corrosion to clean

Exceptional Energy Density

99.9% pure lead AGM technology

High Life Cycle Capacity

over 800 cycles at a 50% discharge

Flexible Installation

can be installed any orientation except inverted

Remote Venting

suitable for enclosed cabinet applications

Energy1 AGM Applications

Group Size Marine Batteries

Specialty Marine Batteries